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index: remove link to piny
commands/newuser: add primitive captcha
index: actualized intentions are no longer relevant
Revert "index: remove piny hosting verbiage"
This reverts commit 68682b994db578a13cb42980e2b64406f3fe386a.
index: remove piny hosting verbiage
Decreasing verbosity.
index: Remote verbiage
index: whoops, using the right hostname for ssh
index: syntax fixup
index: whoops, numbering mistake
Replacing description with description
command URLs: ->
command -> commands
Removing old cruft from
index: removing mention of "public" or "private" repositories since Bart is actually in support of privacy functions
newrepo.mdwn: Fixing typos.
Adding Ikiwiki selection and clone capability to newrepo.mdwn
Adding lsaccess.mdwn, lsrepo.mdwn, pinyconfig.mdwn, rebuildrepo.mdwn
Switching commands over to method="post"
Fixing command submission URLs
Adding forms for various piny cgis
Reordering and clarifying index
Adding basic piny info.
more debug
more debug
ok, do it right this time
let's try explicit serialization
remove json decoding
point to the dev server
perhaps this will work
Test validation thing.
durr i hate <script>
another test
Quick test.
Starting to do some HTML work.
Moving architecture to piny-code.
TODO: user facing documentation
Removing SSL TODOs: don't really care about SSL anymore.
piny.svcs-> plus adding lsrepo and lsaccess
Collecting newrepo/rmrepo into one line.
User access management: DONE
Major update to needed_user_facing_infrastructure.mdwn, including new needed tweakables.
Also: important updates in the same commit because I am a bad person.
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
arbitrary wording change to test permissions
Marking createuser as DONE and mkrepo as PARTIAL
Adding note about git:// writes
Fixing syntax
Syntax fixups
Fixing typo
Revert "Revert "This reverts commit ce6abc67fea0b7ea3957e2464636abca2be1c66b.""
This reverts commit ac54cec44d6394327cfe74adc57b03da0a9e269f.
Revert "This reverts commit ce6abc67fea0b7ea3957e2464636abca2be1c66b."
This reverts commit 4c0ae3ebc4ce4f1dcd4b4f9d7035308de2681d8a.
Fixing equals
This reverts commit ce6abc67fea0b7ea3957e2464636abca2be1c66b.
strucutre -> structure
Removing an attempt to use links from within the table directive because the author has not elected to support such silly things as links.
automatic index generation
Adding architecture features and planning
initial temporary index