Fairly Stable provides various and sundry hosting and consultation services, usually involving personalized system and network management.

Hosting services:

  • Web
  • DNS
  • Mail
  • Linux VServers
  • Colocation

Consultation services:

  • Service planning
  • System purchasing
  • System installation
  • System management
  • Network planning
  • Network management

Feel free to get in contact with us at +1 503.869.8658

Additionally, fairlystable.org is a Git/Ikiwiki project hosting service.

Most repository management functions are available over SSH and HTTPS. To create a shell account, ssh to newuser@fairlystable.org or go to the newuser page in the commands list. Current features are documented with the 'pinyhelp' command and an intended feature matrix is available here. These shell accounts are carefully restricted to Piny management functions; don't expect general purpose shell accounts.

You are welcome to host random repositories here; if they wind up taking up significant resources, I might ask you to either cough up money or ask you to host your own repositories elsewhere.