Fairly Stable provides hosting and consultation services, usually involving personalized system and network management.

Hosting services:

  • Web
  • DNS
  • Mail
  • Linux VServers
  • Colocation

Consultation services:

  • Security planning
  • Service planning, deployment, and management
  • System purchasing, deployment, and management
  • Network planning, deployment, and management

Feel free to get in contact with us at +1 503.869.8658

Additionally, fairlystable.org is a Git/Ikiwiki project hosting service.

Most repository management functions are available over SSH and HTTPS. To create a shell account, ssh to newuser@fairlystable.org or go to the newuser page in the commands list. Current features are documented with the 'pinyhelp' command. These shell accounts are carefully restricted to Piny management functions; don't expect general purpose shell accounts.

You are welcome to host random repositories here; if they wind up taking up significant resources, I might ask you to either cough up money or ask you to host your own repositories elsewhere.